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Achievement Award – BCIT

The Belle Construction Achievement Award at BCIT

Kendall Ansell had an early start in the construction industry, sweeping up for her Dad at age seven on some of his construction sites. But even she didn’t feel able to step straight into his contractor shoes at first. The
construction industry has always been such a male-dominated one. So, Kendall felt she “probably subconsciously” understood that interior design was a safer route to pursue when going to school. A lot has changed since
then. It began on International Women’s Day 2019 with launching a pioneering female-led construction company, which actively recruits women in trades. But she has now also established the Belle Construction
Achievement Award at BCIT to empower those women in trades.

What is the Belle Construction Achievement Award?

The award, valued at $500, is given to the top female student in BCIT’s Construction Management program. It aims to work as a supportive incentive for those women pursuing a career in the trades, which they perhaps
might not have pursued before. It will encourage the opportunity for growth and development in what has always been a male-dominant industry.

These are exciting times in the construction industry. Belle Construction is thrilled to be at the forefront, helping to lead the way for women looking to build a promising career in the trades, whatever their chosen
speciality. And with BCIT focusing on encouraging women to pursue high-quality education in the trades, it was a simple decision for Kendall to choose to work with them in putting together this award.

Women in trades

It’s no secret that women are massively underrepresented in the construction industry currently. Female trades workers still only make up less than 5% of all construction workers across Canada. There’s a long way to go.
But, through trades programs like those at BCIT combined with the hard work and persistence of female-led construction companies like Belle Construction, the narrative is being changed. And huge advances are
happening to remove gender bias in the industry.

These things cannot happen overnight, though. It’s only through education, mentorships and the persistence of inclusive business owners like Kendall Ansell that these changes and steps forward can be made. Along with
awards like the Belle Construction Achievement Award. Kendall hopes that the award at BCIT will encourage women to take the leap she hadn’t dared to back then and pursue a career of their own in the trades.

To find out more about the Belle Construction Achievement Award, please visit BCIT’s website.

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