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As a growing family, you might be starting to feel the restrictions that your current home is presenting to you. Maybe you need an extra bedroom, more bathrooms or a larger living space for your kids to run around in. It could be that your home is looking a little tired and worn in places. But as busy professionals, when do you have time to DIY?

While buying a new, larger property might seem like the obvious answer, it might not be the preferred choice. Property prices are climbing so taking the next step up the ladder isn’t always easy to do. Not to mention, you may love the neighbourhood you’re already living in. Maybe it’s got the good schools you want. It’s close to family or your favourite stores.

Maybe the view out your window is one of your favourites as you drink your morning coffee. Or maybe, even, just the thought of packing up and moving home fills you with dread. Are you nodding along to any of those points? Then a residential renovation may well be the right answer for you and Belle Construction is exactly who you need to get you through it.

Here at Belle Construction, providing a family-friendly, trustworthy service with our exceptional craftsmanship and skills is our absolute priority. We want you to have the home you want with the least amount of stress, mess or delays as possible. And if we can add value to your existing home in the meantime? Well, that can’t be a bad thing, can it?


our commercial work

Choosing to work with us on your commercial renovation is choosing to live a stress-free life while we whip your space into shape! So get in touch and let’s figure out how we can help you.

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