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What we love most about industrial loft spaces is the amount of light you get through those large windows, bathing each high-ceilinged room, and really showing the full glory of the space. 

In this New Westminster loft renovation, we felt that frilly decor and softness would not show the space off to its full potential. What it needed was industrial accents, such as the concrete quartz countertops in the kitchen, and furnishings while making the most of the practicality of the space to develop some great storage solutions. 

The overall colours were kept neutral, with flashes of colour brought in with the client’s own art pieces. This helped to make them the main focus of the space and really draw the eye to certain areas of each room. 

Details such as antique lighting, a moveable ladder, antique beams and barn doors were used to create interest, whilst also providing a practical element with the ladder being utilised to access high storage spaces in the kitchen. 

The combination of incredible light, personal effects and splashes of colour really make this space feel homely and warm, whilst still having the wow factor.

Belle Construction is a celebration of inclusivity and will empower tradeswomen, creating opportunities in the form of mentorship, internship, and employment across Canada. In an industry with little opportunity for female growth and development, we are an exciting new pathway for females and other minority groups.

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