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When your property is a sub-penthouse in the heart of Vancouver, we’d say you’re not looking for just any renovation. The clients spend most of their time in Whistler, using this property as a second home. They wanted a renovation that made the most of the space and awesome view. 

The ceilings here are incredibly high and the property was pretty high up, looking out over the city. Any renovation here was certainly going to need to be something special! We also wanted to keep that cool factor and definite personality, too. 

To create that feeling of continuity throughout, we chose large concrete tiles for the hallways. They have great texture and created a super cool vibe and we were able to drop those high ceilings by a few inches to install recess lighting. 

In the living room, we created a feature wall using a wooden square pattern with a heavy 3D effect. This created warmth and was where we mounted the TV, whilst also installing a quartz fireplace below. The fireplace uses vapour and light, creating the effect of fire but is really safe if the grandchildren or pets decide to climb on it! We clad the pillar wall sections with a concrete skim and added a planter behind the sofa to incorporate some greenery for added interest. 

The new dining room was a space created by removing a bedroom. The feature wall was created with antique mirrors and carefully placed wall sconces, which highlight the unique chandelier chosen for this area. 

In the kitchen, we used a stone called ‘Panda White’, which is actually quite hard to find. We were lucky to find it in stock, though, when we were sourcing it for this renovation. We wanted it to look like a single piece of stone, so we carefully lined up the pattern during installation which, coupled with the brass hardware, created a unique and dramatic look.

The den was converted to a fully functioning wine cellar, with space for more than 200 bottles of wine! The room was painted black and is specially cooled with the door being custom made for the space. 

We kept the powder room neutral as we didn’t want it to detract attention from the rest of the apartment, so we stuck to a beige and gold colour scheme to maintain warmth. We took care to match up the vein pattern of the tiles and put in patterned wallpaper, a new faucet and vanity, as well as new lighting here. 

Finally, in the master bathroom, we installed a four-piece suite with a luxurious soaker tub and a walk-in steam shower. A dark herringbone-patterned wallpaper added extra drama and luxury and took the space to a different level entirely. Again, we paid special attention to matching the vein in the tiling, creating that illusion of solid stone. The bath was skirted with dark quartz and contrasting white quartz was used for the countertop. 

This entire renovation was all about dramatic styling with an emphasis on luxury and we think you’ll agree the completed look really did fit the brief.

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